Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today was a victorious day for the "cartoon" clan (that's my group of 22 kids - 3rd through 4th grade). We successfully beat 800 other 3rd - 6th graders in what is called "Organized Mass Chaos" in what is seriously the most fun game on the planet. there is basically three rules and one of them is you can not say no!! (I need to make Rachael start living by this rule, haha) you then go to different posts around the field and get cards from the staff leaders and you pretty much have to do what the card says! then in the middle of the field there is a center called "the no fly zone" and no kids can enter the zone except for designated adults where they can get equipped with shaving cream, water balloons and whatever else your imagination can think up. it was so much fun! I was disgusting looking and feeling walking back to my room but it was totally worth it... anyways, once you have completed a card then you can take it back to your post where you fill up your bucket with all the cards... the team with the most cards at the end wins!

well... the big moment came.... they took up our buckets for a count and my heart started racing... i was nervous for my kids cause they worked so hard and you could see it on their faces that they wanted to win... I was also shocked at how much trash talking was occurring... but dont worry, I taught my kids how to talk the best of smack!!! oh and you also get this awesome looking trophy if you win... its a huge statue of a pineapple!!! dont ask me why but it was ... and i wanted to win it!!!! I wanted this for my kids so bad because they are such a blessing. i would have never of thought these kids could teach me so much, but man was I wrong! i seriously am humbled for have meeting them. so... they announced the third place runner ups... not us! they said second place runner ups... not us! then they announced the first place winners with a huge drum roll blaring in the speakers and to my surprise they announced THE CARTOONS!!!!!!! we went ballistic!! I honestly felt like i won a million dollars... the look on all my kids faces as they were celebrating were priceless. we grew together so much as a team today and our love for another grew so much. i've never felt more comfortable bear hugging a ten year old but we felt like we were on top of the world and man did it feel good!! we celebrated with cake and ice cream, compliments of some lunch lady in the cafeteria and laughed and screamed and had a great time.

I then explained to them how OMC and what we just experienced can be kinda spiritual if you think about it. how many times do we go through life and feel like our worlds are organized mass chaos? there are certain days I go through and wonder if God is even in control. but the reality is, God lets everything happen for a reason and even when we dont feel like it, God is always in control - he is so faithful. if our God is for us then who can be against us and if he is for us then we cannot fail. I told them to always claim those promises and rely on the Lord even in the mists of our storms. in the long run we will be better off for our discomfort and the Joy of the Lord is just around the corner! the kids responded extremely well and it opened the door for me to tell them about Jesus and what hes done in my life. I cant wait for worship tonight and see how the Lord is going to show up!!


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