Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Tour

Our Exodus Spring Break Tour is over and we just have a few more weeks left before graduation. 

Here are the places we played in the past 10 days:

March 6: Ebenezer Baptist Church  - Hendersonville North Carolina.  

March 8: West Ridge Church - Dallas, Georgia. 

March 9: Eagle Landing Christian Academy and Church (Casting Crowns Church) - Atlanta Georgia

March 10 North Cobb Christian School - Kennesaw, Georgia

March 11 New Hope Baptist Church - Fayetteville, Georgia

March 15: First Baptist Church Woodstock - Woodstock, Georgia

What's specifically cool about this post is that i'm doing it from out tour van... apparently you can connect to peoples Iphone's and get internet... pretty awesome.   but anyways.... we have the next two weeks off before heading to Indiana and im going to savor every day!!!

Here's a picture of Jbro and I chillin in the van.... Peace! 

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