Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 14th 2009..... The day of vows.

Im getting married in 5 days. A new chapter in my life will begin when precious vows are said before man and God. The only way this marriage becomes a success is by letting God reign in the throne of our hearts and consistently place ourselves at the altar as living sacrifices. may those two never get mixed up. I'm ready to cling to Rachael but most importantly i'm ready to cling to my God... my savior.... my supply. I want my heart to be one of HIM instead of the fruits of HIM.... I want GOD not blessings, I want GOD not popularity, I want GOD not comfort, I want GOD not accomplishments. I want my God.... I want Him so bad my heart starts aching. But the Beautiful thing about God is that his goodness is overflowing to His children how adore him.... his mercies are new and fresh every morning and it makes me realize this GOD who is the creator of ALL somehow loves me despite my sin. I just can't seem to wrap my human, limited mind around this. When God looks at me he doesn't see a sinner who deserves hell, but rather sees his son, Jesus Christ, the spotless, sinless, blameless human, yet fully God, that willingly died for me! HALLELUJAH! Im just blown away by who GOD is and what he's done. Im so thankful for this gift of marriage he established and thankful that woman was the pinnacle of creation. creation wasn't "good" until woman was given to man... then it was "good".

I was studying through Psalms chapter 1 and was meditating on how cool the first 6 verses are. It shows the slow fade of a man who sells himself to wicked counseling, and compromise after compromise. Standing in the way of sinners and then eventually sitting in the seat of mockers. do you see this slow progression? It goes from WALKING to STANDING to SITTING. This "person" can just shut down and maybe not even realize it due to bad decisions. but it goes on to say the way of the wicked will perish and not so for the way of the righteous and to meditate on Gods WORD day and night....

and this is what I shall start my marriage on.... Im going to protect it with my life and do anything to make this THRIVE but the only way this will happen is if I let Psalm chapter one penetrate my heart and let truth prevail. I wont seek wicked counseling, wont stand in the way of sinners (this is not talking about witnessing) and wont sit in the seat of mockers. I wont let black and white turn to grey..... Grey is a devastating color..... I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and nothing else.... I want to be filled and with that filling be empowered. I want the Word of God to be mediated in my house day and night..... I want TRUTH more then anything..... GOD is TRUTH..... TRUTH will set you FREE. Seek first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you.....

Praise God!

I will be taking the next two weeks off and wont blog again until we get back from out honey moon on the 23rd of November. Marriage is the second biggest decision you can make other then your salvation. this will be a sweet next two weeks with a lot of "firsts" .... and yes I also mean sexually..... Im going to worship God through something that is so distorted by this world. How cool is that?!?

Im ready...... ready to cling to both my wife and God.

GODSPEED my friends.

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