Monday, December 28, 2009

Jump Start

Went with the wife this morning to a gym called Core 24 to get memberships. Im pumped that we finally went through with committing ourselves to fitness for 2010. After we got the membership, Rachael had to leave for work but I stayed and ran two miles along with some weight lifting. As of right now, it takes me 24 minutes to run 2 miles. thats obviously 12 minutes a mile. My goal for the next couple months is to run 9 minute miles equalling 18 minutes for two miles! I think this is extremely achievable but also very challenging. Ill keep you updated with this membership and the progress.
I also find it very interesting that while you work out, your brain kinda works out too.... Im thinking of who I need to call, what I need to do and how to successfully get it done. The thought of working out seems miserable but gosh Its so vital to a human body. Its going be fun to watch the transformation.

We have this whole week "off" from the offices but that doesn't mean the work necessarily stops. Not having office hours doesn't mean not having ministry to do. Working from the house is actually quite nice and I feel much more creative to think and plan. as Im working, Home Depot should be here sometime soon to deliver our washer and dryer!!! Finally!!!! Life without both of these appliances has been inconvenient so were definitely ready to get these in the apartment.

also, keep praying that I find peace with this whole tattoo idea. Im still a little on edge about it.

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