Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Week....

I had a great week/weekend.
Here are some highlights from Wednesday to Sunday (February 17th-21st)

Wednesday Night I talked to our Youth about the importance of not being a stumbling block to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ... especially to those who don't know Christ as their savior. Spoke from Romans 14 verses 13-21 and Proverbs chapter 4 verse 19. I particularly love the Proverbs verse because its so self explanatory and simple, yet challenging. Its so Important to take the time to recognize what makes us stumble, as well as what we individually are doing to hurt or edify the Body of Christ.

Thursday I had one of the most enjoyable Volunteer meeting's since I've been a student pastor at Foothills. God's anointing was all over this gathering and the Lord was definitely glorified through the sharing, reflection and prayer. I was so encouraged by the questions that were asked and the look of excitement in everyones eyes. God is doing such a cool work in many of our volunteers lives. So cool and humbling to watch that life change take place.

Friday I did absolutely nothing. I repeat, did absolutely nothing. How crucial it was that I took a day off and rested. Did a couple things on Rachael's honey-do-list but that was honestly it!
I rarely get days like this, so I obviously took advantage of it.

Saturday was really special day because Rachael and I drove up to Charlotte NC for Grant "Tuna" Maginnis and Allison Motley's wedding ceremony. (pictures are below in a previous post) They were great friends from college and was so glad they invited us to come share in their blessed day of exchanging vows.
I also, unfortunately, got pulled over for speeding going 64 in a 45 on highway 123 but the officer let off with a warning!!! There is no greater feeling then getting off the hook from a speeding ticket!

Sunday (today) We had church this morning about "Romance" and how God established sex within the confines of marriage. Greg Oraham (lead pastor at FCC) also quoted me in front of the entire church saying how much I loved Sex, hahaha.... Awesome! (If you wanna know more, just come ask for clarification) I also got to play drums for David Odom and we dominated as usual and "made war" as we like to call it.... I love helping in whatever way I can in leading people to the Throne of a Holy and Righteous God! So mind blowing.

Im now hanging out with the wife and hoping team USA can pull a victory over team Canada in Olympic Hockey. So far its 1-0 USA!


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