Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 3 - Wednesday

Good morning!

After a 3 mile run, breakfast in my stomach, Im sitting here typing on my computer with a tall glass of water and totally shocked that its already Thursday! This week is FLYING by and I don't see it slowing down. But, you know what they say about when your having fun.... Time flies!

In my update for Tuesday, I told you guys in my Wednesday blog that I would fill you guys in on how our meeting as a youth group went and how the "feeling" and "atmosphere" of our kids are and progressing. WELL.... Let me just say I was blown away with the hearts of our kids and the response I got. I started off by just taking care of some camp business but then we left the floor open for the students to share how God has been moving personally in their lives and it just flowed from there. One by one they started talking and opening up. We could have seriously been in that little chapel for hours. Unfortunately, we only had 30 minutes before lunch but the overall mood of the group is PERFECT. I feel like it's right where they need to be half-way through the week. We had students with amazing hearts broken for the lost, hearts extremely hungry for Gods word and sin being confronted. By the way, I love that Woodlands has a time set apart for scripture memory. SO IMPORTANT. When I do "follow up" with our kids, thats one area Im going to hone in on! We ended with a sweet time of prayer and off they went to lunch. Needless to say, I was very encouraged and pumped by the God that moves! I write to you guys, hoping that this will encourage you as well and that "hope" will draw you closer to the Father. We also talked about the only 3 things that are eternal.....

1) Gods Word

2) The souls of man

3) The glory of God.

We've been challenged with the mind-set of.... is your life, actions, thoughts and motivations falling under these categories?! If not, then ditch it!

Something amazing to think about and watch how the Holy Spirit can convict. Its beautiful to see Gods kindness lead our students to repentance. Its truly a beautiful thing.

Much love to you guys! Call or Email if you need anything. Timw@nhcconline or 864-363-2206

Tim Wadsworth


Anonymous said...

I am encouraged. Tell my boys their Dad is praying for them and loves them deeply. Thanks for serving our teens!

Rick Carnahan

Stephen and Paula Leung said...

Tim, thanks for the updates. We are excited that you are here at North Hills serving our teens. Continuing to pray for all of you.

Paula and Stephen Leung

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim!! I hope you guys can have a big time of sharing at some point! Give my Molly and Tyler a hug! Love from the Horrocks' family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tim. We are so grateful to be receiving these updates. We feel so much more a part of the great things God is doing. Praying for you all! Love, Bill and Lori Stone

kj locke said...


God bless you all and we'll be praying for God's work to be done and your safe return on Sat.
In Christ, Kevin & Beverly
p.s. Hey, Rachel!