Friday, October 7, 2011

Christians Change…

TRUTH: Christians Change.
The obvious reason for this is that Christ lives in them and thus constantly and consistently brings His image forth in their lives. A Christ Crescendo if you will…
That being said – I recognize in my own life (if i’m being honest) i fight these changes more times than i care to admit.
Then i ran across this quote from Pastor John Piper:
“You cannot despise becoming what you enjoy about God.”
Go read that quote again… and again…
As i read and meditated over this quote i saw that sanctification… A Christ Crescendo… got a deeper & richer meaning.
**BREAKTHROUGH: The key was in my beholding. I would become like that which i beheld.**
-I love God for His Grace. I cannot despise becoming gracious.

-I love God for His Forgiveness. I cannot despise becoming forgiving.
-I love God for His Humility to Serve. I cannot despise becoming a servant.

-I love God for His Generosity in all things. I cannot despise becoming generous with everything.
*You get the point… Being Sanctified is POSSIBLE for a person who treasures Christ. Christians Change.

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