Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rachael's Little Accident :)

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to send out a quick email about what happened to Rachael yesterday because I have received a lot of emails, texts, phone calls and Facebook messages with questions from you guys and wanted to address everyone together with a thankful heart. Rachael got a stand up mixer for Christmas and this one is a high powered mixer that is different then your average mixer. As a lot of you know, Rachael loves to bake, cook, etc. and has an arsenal of cookware. So, Rachael was using her mixer yesterday to make cupcakes and wanted to quickly use her pointer finger to knock down some icing that was accumulating up the mixers as they were turning and the high power handles sucked her whole hand into the machine.  I was in the next room and from the sound of it, thought my wife was getting murdered. I quickly got up, ran to the kitchen and unplugged the mixer (even with her hand in there you could still hear the mixer engine trying to turn) and immediately called 911 cause I didn't know how to get her hand out. Thankfully, the ambulance and team got there in 4 or 5 minutes and within several minutes they cut her hands out of the mixers. I then drover her to the hospital off of highway 14 and we got x-rays. Thankfully, no broken fingers or torn ligaments! Even the doctor was shocked that some cuts and bruises was all she sustained. God is so kind. I most certainly believe he was with Rachael the whole time protecting her and comforting her through all the pain. Thanks to everyone for the sweet words through Facebook, email, texts and phone calls.  Rachael said her hand is surprisingly feeling much better and the swelling is going down.  
Praise God! 

Much love,  


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