Friday, September 21, 2012

"Follow The Leader"

This week at Alive we will be diving into Luke 2:41–52. Get familiar with this passage! It will determine many things about your identity

Here is the context:
The previous lesson from last week studied Jesus’ coming to earth as a baby. He became God’s presence in the world for the purpose of redemption. This lesson continues looking at Jesus’ purpose as expressed through his childhood. Jesus clearly revealed that His IDENTITY as the Son of God took precedence over any earthly attachments. Even as a boy, Jesus showed that His purpose was to do God’s will. The lesson following this one will begin to explore Jesus’ ministry and IDENTITY as John the Baptist is introduced as His forerunner.

Big Idea of the passage:
Although fully God and fully man, Jesus’ IDENTITY as the Son of God determined His purpose and action in His life.

We will explore that their identity as followers of Christ determines the purpose for their life. We're praying that the Holy Spirit will transform students to commit to aligning their lives as Christ-followers to the will of God.

Although Jesus was fully man, His identity as the Son of God determined every aspect of His life.

Jesus existed as Mary and Joseph’s son but also as the Son of God. While living in submission to His earthly parents, Jesus always allowed His identity as the Son of God to direct the path in all aspects of His life.

1. Our identity in Christ determines our purpose (Luke 2:41–47).

Even as a boy, Jesus concerned Himself with the things of God. For three days He remained in the Temple without His parents and had discussions with the teachers there. He had been so involved with the Word of God and His relationship with His Father that Jesus amazed everyone with His understanding. His identity determined that His purpose was to do His Father’s will.

As followers of Christ, we have taken on a new identity. Our own desires and wishes are not what give us our purpose in life. Rather, our identity as children of God determines our purpose. Our purpose is now to fulfill God’s desire and will for our lives.

2. Our identity in Christ determines our obedience (Luke 2:48–49).

Jesus’ identity as man and God are clear in these verses. Mary expressed frustration that Jesus had caused her and His father worry. Jesus was likely surprised that they did not know where He was. He explained that His concern was the priority of His heavenly Father. As Mary and Joseph’s son, Jesus desired to obey them. As God’s Son, Jesus desired to completely obey Him.

As believers, we reflect Christ through our lives. Because we are His followers, we are driven to be obedient to His calling and commands. Obeying Him in faith illustrates our relationship with Him as His follower and child.

3. Our identity in Christ determines our preparation for life (Luke 2:50–52).

Description: Jesus continued to live His life in obedience to God and in preparation for continued obedience to God. Jesus lived in subjection to His earthly parents, completing God’s commands to do so. He also continued to study and grow intellectually, physically, and in relationship with others and with God.

Application: Because we are Christ-followers and our purpose in life is to follow God’s will, the way that we live and prepare for the future is affected by our identity. The choices that we make in areas such as school, physical fitness, friendships, and personal time with God will affect the way that we are prepared to fulfill God’s calling in our lives.

Christ’s identity as the Son of God was the driving force behind His life.

Description: Even from this early age, Jesus’ identity as the Son of God determined the overarching purpose of His life and affected all of His other choices. Jesus wanted above all to do His Father’s will.

Application: When we follow Christ, God’s purpose should become our purpose. Therefore, aligning our lives with His purpose and calling affects the decisions and choices that we make. Everything must revolve around submitting to God’s will and obeying His commands.


How could seriously thinking about our true identity as a child of God affect our lives?

How does our identity and God’s purpose for us affect the choices and decisions that we make today?

How do our lives illustrate God’s purpose in the world?

How can we fulfill God’s purpose now and prepare to fulfill it in the future?

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