Monday, November 19, 2012


This was a video we showed at Alive last Sunday (11/11/12) to our Middle Schoolers (7-8 graders) about "Dealing With Rejection" from Genesis 37:12-36 and also Genesis 50:15-21

God’s presence and control never leaves us alone in times of undeserved hurt.

Jacob found peace with his conflicts in life. He continued to inadvertently cause some conflict between his sons as he decidedly favored Joseph above all. We see conflict continue with his sons as they sell their brother Joseph into slavery as a result of their hatred and jealousy. Joseph is unable to see the purpose and resolution to this situation—yet he remains faithful.

Although Joseph went through many struggles, many of which included deception and rejection, God was always faithful to provide for him. God used those experiences to grow Joseph's character so that he'd be prepared to accept the blessings and responsibilities God had planned for him. God allowed those struggles so Joseph could become more like Christ, able to forgive and love, even when he did not receive the same treatment. It is this cultivation of character that reflects Christ's glory. As believers, we are to strive for the same growth. 

God's promise that Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly to earth is our motivation to pursue Christ and become like Him in our daily lives.

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