Thursday, June 4, 2015

Courage is not Bruce Jenner

When I was at Bible school in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University, we were required to do an internship at a church for our ministry proficiency. By God's grace and kindness, I got placed at a wonderful church in Knoxville, TN called First Baptist Concord. I was placed in an even better host home with Neil and Jamie Koonce. The most generous and kind family I have ever met. I also got to share intern responsibilities with three other cool people - Greg, Paul and Erin. All three of these interns grew up at FBC and I was the lone out of state intern. Thankfully through Facebook, Im able to keep in touch with everyone from Knoxville and I came across an article written by Greg Gibson (Intern noted above) about this whole Bruce Jenner saga. I wanted to share his post on my website because in my opinion, he hits the nail on the head articulating it all. This is a HOT topic right now in our culture. How do we as followers of Jesus process it all. And more importantly, how do followers of Jesus communicate our stance on it. I hope this serves you guys. Thanks Big Thunder for allowing God to use you in a big way!  

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