Thursday, January 26, 2017

How You LISTEN To People Directly Shows Your VALUE Towards Them

People want the RESPECT to be heard. There is a vast difference between listening to someone rather than hearing or understanding someone. How you LISTEN to people determines how you directly show your VALUE towards them. 

Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand - They listen with the intent to reply

Culture has created an atmosphere to immediately respond or reply. We do this mainly in our day-to-day communication. Culture says - More time on your hands = DO MORE. DO MORE generally means you’re a poor listener. 

Culture has created terrible listeners yet very courageous and bold responders. 

How we need to listen:
1) Listen to understand before trying to be understood
2) Listen to perspective (Outside looking in) before giving your perception (Inside looking out) 
** walk in someone’s shoes!!!!! THIS gives incredible understanding. 
3) Listen for opportunity before offering your opinion
** Listen well…. people are giving you opportunities in every conversation. 
4) Listen for connection before drawing attention.    
(Don’t try and one-up people in conversations)
- This is a MUST when engaging with people who do not know Jesus. 

You're born a communicator. Now you have to learn how to listen. 
What is it going to take to perfect the art of listening?

1) Listen intentionally. You can’t do this distracted.  (THE CELL PHONE)
2) Listen actively in your silence. Emphasis on SILENCE. 
3) Listen inquisitively  -  CARE!  Be Genuine. 
4) Listen empathetically. (“Jesus stopped and was moved with compassion”) That word “compassion” meant to “become physically ill” 
5) Listen Presently. Be in the moment!!! 

In your meetings… come prepared to listen. EVEN if you’re running the meeting. 

Ask people the question - 
“What makes it hard when you’re listening to me?” 
“Is it hard to listen to me?”

Listen HERE for the whole class on "The Art Of Listening" by Jonathan Parker of Fellowship Greenville 

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