Friday, December 29, 2017

"New Habits" by Seth Godin.

Below is a recent blog post from Seth. I love getting these in my inbox because its a quick one minute read that cuts right to the point. While reading this, I was immediately convicted of laziness. Also convicted of not getting out of my comfort zone enough. Hopefully this will set the pace for 2018. 

"I bought a CD yesterday.
That didn't used to be news. I used to buy a CD every week, week after week, year after year. It adds up.
Hi-rez streaming changed that habit for me, but it took about a year before the itch (mostly) subsided.
Old habits die hard, and it's entirely possible that your customers are on fumes, buying your old stuff now and then, down from often and on their way to rarely.
You can live on old habits for a while, but the future depends on investing in finding and building some new ones with (and for) your customers. Or your family. Or yourself.
The most powerful insight is that you can do it with intent. You can decide that you want some new habits, and then go get them."

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