Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's give this a try.

So I have never been a good writer much less a blogger, in fact, Im a horrible speller and run-on-sentences are my specialty... if it wasn't for spell check Im sure seven words in this past sentence would have already been spelled wrong ... but none the less, I must be heard.  With this blog I hope to share with everyone exactly what is going on in my world and hopefully along the way share with you how Jesus Christ has radically changed my life and is continuously doing so.  you'll also come to find my infatuating love/hate relationship with the Atlanta Braves... seriously... ive never loved something so much that makes me so angry. Im actually watching them right now and the stupid Nationals are beating us 8 to 1 ....  but anyways, this whole summer i've been traveling with my band leading worship for various camps/retreats playing the drums and leading bible studies along with recreation time for all the students.  we have four weeks left of camps and then finish up at Eastern Pennsylvania on August 15th where i'll finally be reunited with Rachael and Liberty University. I can't believe my senior year of college is right around the corner along with my 2 year anniversary of dating rach.... July 22nd of 2006 was a wonderful day and somehow its gotten better and better. I also miss my roommates and townhouse. it will be nice to quit living out of a suitcase and get back in a normal routine of college but touring this summer with the drums have been a wonderful trip back down memory lane. Ive made some incredible new friendships in my bandmates with Adam, Mike and Zac along with building upon old ones with Odom and Kyle. These guys are incredible musicians and I feel blessed to have played a whole summer with them.  They have taught me so much and we've made some hilarious memories.  Im in Atlanta right now trying to rest up after a hectic week of camp in Norman Park GA where the kids had no mercy on us. when i first met my kids that were in my study group, i got kinda nervous partially due to the dynamics of the kids personality and ranges of age. to make a long story short, out of the 22 kids that were in my bible group, 3 accepted Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior and 4 rededicated their lives to walk in truth. it made the whole exhausting trip absolutely worth it... i share this with you not tooting my own horn but bragging on how incredible God is and how He showed up big time.  musically we dominated every worship set and all the students really embraced worship at night. God was definitely at hand and swept these 800 youth groups kids away. it was fun to be apart of.
tomorrow we leave to play at a church in Seneca SC and then back down to ATL to lead worship for a sunday night service in downtown ATL with should be pretty interesting. oh and last night we saw the new Batman movie which totally kicked butt to celebrate Kyles Birthday... Heath Ledger was unbelievable and the overall movie exceeded any expectations I had. it also made the movie creepier due to the fact that Heath died in Feb due partially to the role he played in the movie. but overall it was awesome. Now Odom and I are going to kick back relax and watch hotrod - one of the funniest movies ever.  
more to come later

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