Sunday, July 20, 2008

the more I seek - the more I find - the more I find - the more I love.

Today was such a lazy/beautiful day. I woke up around eight AM to start getting ready for church and just felt so thankful for life. I wish every morning started like this but to be honest with you, I totally hate mornings - just ask Rachael. don't talk to me, don't touch me, don't do anything.... just leave me alone. I always joke with ppl that I don't even become a Christian until 11:45ish or right before lunch time. so with that said, it was very out of the usual that I felt so wonderful waking up. as i was taking a shower it dawned on me how often I go through my days and not even thank God. I just go through the motions of life and put God on the back burner wanting to be fully in control. Luke chapter 17 came to mind with Jesus and the ten healed of leprosy. The lepords cried out to Jesus on his way to Jerusalem saying "Jesus, Master, have pity on us" Jesus, being the stud that he was, told them to go show themselves to the priest and in doing so, they were healed. after this miracle occurred, only one came back to Jesus praising him in a loud voice while throwing himself down at His feet in thanksgiving. Jesus asked the healed man where the other nine were and sadly the man had no answer for his friends... Jesus then said to him "Rise and go!... your faith has made you well"

after that cool passage played through my mind, I got kinda ticked off at those other nine morons who didnt come back to thank Jesus, but then it hit me.... Im just as guilty as those nine lepors who didnt come back to thank Jesus... I mean... how many times do I just go through life and tell God nothing but JESUS! MASTER! Have pity on me!!! like hes some Genie in a bottle and only come to him when I need something or when life sucks and for him to fix it. it made me realize how often my selfish desires elliminate those of the kingdom and how I need to give Jesus my all and most importantly my priase. Aaron Keyes used to say all the time that there is only two times we should praise God, and its when we feel like it - and when we dont!! I hope and pray that I will be that one cleansed lepor to come back day in and day out throwing myself down at the feet of Jesus in Thanks. even when I feel like it and when I dont.

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