Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Never Know....

I was watching Castaway a couple days ago on TV and I never noticed how awesome the ending to that movie is. to make a long story short, Tom Hanks was forced to make some difficult decisions now back in America after surviving and found out what was keeping him alive on that island was now something that he couldn't have at all and on the flip side didn't want him either. after finding out this devistating news he looked at his buddy and earnestly said
"I just got to keep on breathing... tomorrow the sun will rise, and you never know what the tide might bring...."

This past weekend will be a definite one to remember for me as a college student. I am now the official drummer of Exodus which is a praise band supported by Liberty University and will start traveling with them this coming weekend. I get a free ride to school (no tuition!) and a sweet Mac computer, along with other fun bells and whistles that come along with playing drums. I have finally achieved the status of a ministry team position and it couldn't feel any better. The Lord has definitely answered my prayers and I'm ready to work hard and be the best musician I can be. this coming weekend were playing somewhere in Maryland for a DNOW retreat and im nervous/anxious to see how this will go. my bandmates are super cool and I expect great things from us.
I also get to find out today if im going to have a niece or a nephew! Matthew and Stefanie are finding out today what the sex of their baby is going to be and I couldnt be more excited for them. my guess is that its going to be a girl but we'll have to wait and see...
also i got in a "fender bender" or in this case my jeep gave another jeep a hive five, haha...
i was driving home sunday night after bible study and clipped mirrors with someone... the collision of mirrors was so intense that it completley exploded in my face sending glass everywhere! man do i wish i was driving with the window up! glass is everwhere in my car!!

anyways, that was kinda crazy but overall my weekend was life changing and is continuing to be so. Im excitied to see what the Lord is going to do these next two semesters and I know they will be great things.

you never know what the tide might bring.... so keep on keepin on.

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