Monday, October 6, 2008

Psalm 1

This weekend the band and I got to hang out at Carowinds which is a theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Friday night and Sunday morning we led worship at Triad community church right outside High Point NC and it was flat out awesome!  but when we were at Carowinds we got to hang out with some cool bands and got to see them play.  one of the coolest bands there and probably the most fun one to watch was Family Force 5. let me tell you something, these kids know how to put on a show... it was also cool to talk to them about their flee market montgomery video they shot with sammy himself... if you haven't watched those videos then please do yourself a favor and youtube them... hilarious.  Leeland was another solid band that I totally enjoyed watching and really appreciated their love for the Lord... you could definitely see it in them as they were playing. but the highlight of the night was Casting Crowns.  before they went on stage I watched the lead singer wake up 5 minutes before playing, take off the shirt he was wearing and put on some dirty ol shirt of the ground where he was sleeping.... amazing!  he just looked at me and said "good morning" which was funny because it was like 9 at night.  but regardless, how amazing is that.... just wake up whenever, play a show, then just chill on your tour bus. that is definitely living the good life.  during their show I was blown away with how the crowd was interacting with them.  they were absolutely loving everything casting crowns had to give them. what i particularly liked about the night was when they read out of first psalms.  
Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. 
they pointed out how unique it was that the scriptures uses the progression of postures to prove a point. The man went from walking to standing then to sitting... pretty interesting if you ask me.  isn't that how it goes with our sin all the time.... we go from walking in the word to slowly getting off path and standing in sin (not being effective at all) and before you know it were sitting and swallowed in sin. just think its something cool to think about.... 
anyways I had a great weekend and glad to be back in Lynchburg. The Lord is doing some cool things through Exodus and i'm glad to be apart of it. hopefully i can catch back up with all my schoolwork and get ready for another weekend where God is going to show up big time. We have a photo shoot today so i should be posting those pics soon... hopefully i wont look like a moron, haha

The picture is where we blew a tire and was stranded in Charlottesville for about 4 hrs. 
got to love traveling on the road! you never know what to expect! 

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