Friday, October 24, 2008

Gabriel ?? Wadsworth

So this coming March will be a fun time for all us Wadsworths, McDonalds and Millers.   
Gabriel _______ Wadsworth will be introduced to this world and we all couldn't be more excited and thrilled to welcome him.  God has been sooo good with giving Matthew and Stefanie this opportunity to become parents and baby Gabe will truly be a blessing from Him. I wonder what he'll be.... a professor at a university?  or maybe the next soccer pro... i mean hes gonna have matt and stefs genes so goodness knows he'll be a fast little sucker.  never the less im just excited to become an uncle and one day introduce him to drugs and alcohol... haha... but seriously.  

oh yea... and his middle name might be James which is MY middle name as well.  I think the two names really compliment each other.... Gabriel James Wadsworth!!!  but regardless of what his middle name is i have already fallen in love with him.  this is gonna be fun.  enjoy the awesome picture from their latest ultrasound.    unbelievable!!! 

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