Saturday, September 24, 2011

Announcement Flyer


On Sunday nights for ROUTE 78 and 330 STUDENT MINISTRY @ North Hills Community Church, we have a normal time of taking a few minutes every night and giving our students upcoming announcements and head's up with events, etc. we have going on as a youth group.
Occasionally, I feel like a fire hydrant unloading a plethora of information, while they stare at me with the "deer in the headlights" look; so It gave me the idea for an announcement flyer.
The announcement flyers will be available all over our youth facilities for anyone to take so it will help everyone remember all the information we throw at you all at one. We also want it to be something you can take and give to other people in case they missed a Sunday night, give to parents or guardians so they can be well informed, and also so 300 kids stop texting my cell phone the same question "What was that web address you were talking about?"  :)

So.... I thought I would put this weeks announcement flyer on my blog so you can get a taste of what it's like and also because we are SLAMMED with stuff going on in our youth group!  God is so good and working in so many areas so be sure to read below all the announcements we have for you!  Remember, Its just quick highlights of the information we are verbally announcing and also have for you guys on our youth website at

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email my assistant, Mary McKenzie, at

Here You go:

Announcement Flyer! September 25th 2011

New ALARM on back door.  -  Please don't go through the back door of the youth
facilities. It's just in case of fire or emergency. - A very loud alarm will sound. 

Operation Christmas Child!  - Send a Christmas present to a child in Africa!  - Visit
the Christmas Tree in the Youth Cafe for ALL information. Direction pamphlets for
O.C.C. are hanging as ornaments on the tree. Deadline is November 13th.

DOLLAR DINNERS are coming soon. Were shooting for October 9th to be the first
Sunday night we start having dinner available for $1.  Check calendar on youth
website ( for which meals we will be serving
and times for eating.  

MEMBERS CELEBRATION is this Friday, September 30th. WE NEED YOUR
HELP to serve the body of NHCC. We are looking to build a team of students to
serve milk and cookies and pass out balloons to people as they leave. The
celebration will be held at Brookwood Community Church in Simpsonville from 7 to
830PM.  Email Tim at Timw@nhcconline if you want to serve! 

YOUTH VISION SUNDAY is next Sunday morning - October the 2nd - (in all 3
services) Where you can hear about the future vision and direction the NHCC
student ministry will be heading!  Be there and show support! 

YOUTH BAND MEETING! If you are in the Youth band, September 26th is your
quarterly meeting.  If you did not receive an email from Tim about this meeting,
please contact Mary McKenzie ASAP.  It will be held at NHCC in the Community
Cafe from 6-730PM. 

Piedmont Women's Center Service Project. - Our quarterly Service Project 
October 22nd 2011 - Online sign-ups at
under the "Upcoming Events" tab.     Deadline is October 16th.  
(I also have a blog post about this as well)

TUESDAY MORNING BREAKFAST is at 7AM at the McDonald's on Old
Spartanburg Highway in Taylors every Tuesday morning. Transportation to and
from McDonald's is not provided and must be handled yourself. A time of hanging
out and a quick morning Bible study before school. 

Tim Wadsworth | Director of Student Ministry 

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