Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Psalm Ch. 4 - Remembering the Past to face the Present

Remembering the Past to face the Present (Psalms 4:1)
- David had much in his past to thank God for -

Even if this passage were written BEFORE he defeated Goliath. Didn’t God give him strength to overcome lions and bears? Didn’t God use him, as the least of his brothers, to be king over Israel? David was praying as he remembered what God had already done for him and how God had treated His enemies in the past.

Think About Your Sin (Psalms 2-5)
- Wicked vs Good -
  • David knew that to pursue anything else other than God was worthless. He knew the end of such a life would only be destruction.
  • David knows how God treats people. He had seen God punish the evil and reward the good. He had seen God act many times for him (making him king) and against him (discipline during the Bathsheba incident). David knew that the faithful were the ones God honored.
- Reflect -
  • David was calling for his enemies to keep their anger in. He was calling them to restrain themselves before they sinned against God. To reflect, in silence, about their ways and then come to God. They should offer sacrifices and trust in God. Trust in God for what though?
Contentment with God (Psalms 4:6-8)
- What They Want…
  • David had to endure a lot. As a leader and king, wanted for him to provide for Israel. Perhaps during the difficult times he heard this question: “Who can show us anything good?” or “Who will bring us prosperity?” Israel wanted to know if God would deliver and if he would give them what they wanted.
Versus What God has Given.
  • David’s prayer wasn’t for the prosperity God could have provided. Instead he recognized that God had given him joy even when those around him seemed to have a better life. Even when his enemies had more grain and more wine, David was content with God.
What Do I Do?
- Reflect -

David was thinking on what God had done for him in the past. What has God done for you? List out the things you have seen God do in your life. When you pray this week, remind God of how He has helped you before. After you’ve reminded Him, ask Him what’s on your heart for the future.

Remember: God is the God of the past, present and future. He has been with you then, He’ll be with you now and further along the journey.

Be Content:

David knew that joy from God was worth more than wine and food. Do you?

Think about something you absolutely could not live without. Your phone? Your computer? Your sport? Your TV? Really think about something that you just could not be a part from. Now, think about if you were to give it up, could you do so and still be content with having God?

Pray about being able to be content with God and God alone this week. Ask that God would show you how to be content with Him alone.

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