Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Psalm Ch. 3

Take some time to read 2 Samuel 15:13-16:14. That’s the story behind this psalm. David is running for his life from his own son who is trying to take over the kingdom. David is crying out to God. We are able to see his honest plea, but also his faith that God has not only heard his prayer, but that God will deliver Him as well.

It really should blow us away. The God of the universe hears our prayers. Though we are so selfish and steeped in such sin, He still hears us. This psalm has much to say to us!

What Does the Passage Say?

Verses 1-2
David is pouring out his heart to God here. He has foes within and enemies without. Absalom was taking over his throne. His own son was kicking him out of Jerusalem. His best advisor had gone to his son. He knew that his enemies were increasing. He even heard the curses of Shimei. He knew that people were saying it was like God himself had abandoned him.

Verses 3-4
“But you, Lord, are a shield around me.” What a statement! David was fleeing for his life but he knew that God was protecting him. In the Samuel passage we read that everything that is happening David is referencing the will of God. He knows who is actually in control of the situation. Though things look bleak, he had all of his faith in God. He was not depending on his own glory or his own might, but the might of God.

David knew that God would answer him. It says he fled to the place where he used to worship God. David returned to a previous place of intimacy with God. He knew God. He knew his prayers would be heard.

Verses 5-8
I’ve had times where there was so much on my mind that sleep did not come easily. It’s easy to imagine this being one of those times for David. No castle to protect him. No throne to sit on. Yet David rested. He knew that he was alive solely because God kept him alive.

Even though thousands of people came after him, he wasn’t afraid. His complete trust in God to save him is amazing!

The striking enemies on the cheek and breaking teeth part is David saying that his enemies are God’s enemies. What hope do they have? By being struck on the cheek, God will insult them. By having their teeth broken, God will render them powerless to attack. David ends with what he knows: salvation is from the Lord. No one else!

What Do I Do?

After taking time to read the Bible, perhaps change the friends you listen to, and confess the sin that’s keeping you from God; take a look at your life. Beyond these struggles, are there enemies you face? Is your enemy a person who seriously seeks harm for you? Is your enemy yourself? Is the enemy you face the great enemy, is Satan after you in your attempt to run after God?

  • Take time to voice your need for God to intervene.
    • God hears your prayers, just as He heard David’s. Do you have a hard time believing that? The God of the universe listens to His children pray. He actually hears you. You can praise God for the fact that He hears you.
    • If the last couple weeks have been times of serious reflection on your life before a great God, then know that God has already seen your honest effort. If the last couple weeks have been anything but easy to do what God’s word shows you to, continue to pray earnestly for God to intervene. He still will.
  • Recognize that God delivers
    • Are you saved? God delivered you from an eternity of hell. How much more is God able to deliver you from your enemies today! The God of the universe, the God who saves, is your shield. He is with you and will strengthen you. God provided for David, He will provide for you.
    • Are you not a Christian? God desires that you come to know Him. He desires that you be made right with Him. He desires to lift up your head and save you
This week consider how God will and can deliver you. Think about how the God of the universe hears you and delivers you from your enemies. Pray earnestly to God this week for His salvation.

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